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Democratization of the Web by Chinese Netizens

Web Hosts in China are facing rapid socio-economic changes since the past two decades. Some of the most recent social and technological developments in China have created a platform for individualization, diversification and privatization. In the present scenario, Chinese internet users are subject to government regulation and thought control. Hosting web servers in China will create a virtual outlet for the Chinese netizens that has the potentiality to challenge the absolute political power of the Chinese Political Party. Today, in China there is an individualization of life and on the other hand there is a consequent diversification of models for individualization.Some of the latest developments in China point towards privatization. Web hosting in China can be used as a platform that can be accessed in an individualized private setting. In the 1990’s, very few netizens in the modern metropolis owned web servers in China; and it was constantly scanned by technical experts and political leaders. But, today after almost a decade, the netizens have enough control and hosting web servers has become a private matter. In this way, the Chinese internet revolution has paved the way for a private niche on the internet.Chinese internet users can host web servers in china and create their own private spaces for communication around the globe. This opportunity will create space for the Chinese internet users, thus bridging the communication gap at the global front. In the early part of 2009, the number of Chinese internet users reached the 338 million mark with a penetration rate of 25.5%. When venturing into the web hosting arena in china, one may require a good domain name, hosting platform, domain registrar, a web hosting client management and billing system, payment gateway and an SSL reseller provider.According to statistical reports, the number of Chinese domain names and Chinese websites are acquired by CNNIC through the automatic search channel, while on the other hand there are several Chinese Generic Top Level Domain registration units that have been provided by the top level domain registration units available in China. While web hosting, it is essential to take into consideration, issues faced by the Chinese net users regarding network security. It is important to install highly sophisticated security software that will guarantee security and encryption of national network and information and at the same time, it should also protect the Chinese netizens by safeguarding their information and ensuring transaction security. This is the right time to host your own web server in China where the netizens are breaking away from control and advancing towards the democratization of the World Wide Web, focusing on the ecommerce sector.


Obama Refinance Plan Encourages Home Owners to Get Lower Mortgage Rates

The Obama Refinance Plan was established back in March of 2009 and has done a lot to allow home owners to refinance. Prior to the plan, it was very difficult to go through the refinance process with a loan-to-value of anything above 95%. That has all changed as the new plan allows you to go through the mortgage application process with a loan-to-value of over 100%. With the great fall of the housing market, many homes are under water, meaning that the owner owes more than the house is worth.Much of this is not the fault of the home owner as there may have been a foreclosure or short sale in the same neighborhood. If this is the case, the value of a home can drop as much as 20% in a few short months. This seems to be happening all over the United States and President Obama wants to do everything in his power to not let this harm the housing market even more than it has.Current mortgage rates are near historic lows which will give new home buyers and home owners a chance to save a lot of money if they can access the rates. Prior to March of 2009, it was very hard to access these rates as lenders were being very stingy. The recent memory of the subprime mortgage crisis has been etched in the brains of many of these lenders and they are not willing to go through the mortgage application process with anyone that many be any risk of defaulting; now that has all changed with the Obama refinance plan.